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We have a special treat for you next week… an interview with Kare Zigay!  She’s been very busy of late but is making time to come on the show.  We’re very excited to be meeting her.  She’s been instrumental in assisting amputees – mainly Canadian, but also from the US and other countries – receive osseointegration surgery.

Don’t miss the show it’s going to be great!

Now let’s get on with today’s show and DANCE!!

… and we’re back!

We’re pretty excited, we have Kare Zigay on the show today September 14th, 2016!  She’s done some pretty amazing things and is here to share some of them with us!  Welcome KARE!!!!!!!!!!!


Kare:  Hi Ellen… thanks so much for having me on the show!

Ellen:  We’re glad to have you!  So what is this osseointegration all about and how the heck were you able to pay for it by yourself?  I understand it’s a pretty expensive proposition.

Kare:  Yes it is a pretty expensive proposition!  Obviously the cost is very individualized for each amputee depending upon their level of amputation and personal needs.  Have you ever heard of osseointegration in reference to dental work?  A titanium implant is inserted into your jaw where you’re missing a tooth, then a porcelain tooth is glued over the implant once it’s healed and voila!  Titanium is the only metal that bone will actually grow into – over time, the titanium and bone become one.  So now, osseointegration has been re-purposed and is available for amputees.  At the point two years ago when I first heard about this, it was a two stage surgery, there was a ten month wait before you could do any weight bearing on the implant and the infection rate was over 20%.  Now, only one surgery is required and you start weight bearing at 3 days! and are walking with two crutches at 7 days. Pretty amazing stuff.

Ellen:  That is pretty amazing stuff!  So does that mean you don’t need to wear a socket anymore?  How does that work? When did you have the surgery performed?

Kare:  NO! No socket anymore 🙂  The most limiting factor with being an amputee has to do with the socket.  It’s hot.  It’s painful.  It’s time consuming and very (very) emotionally draining and stressful when you need to get a new one made.  You put on weight – you need a new socket.  You take off weight – you need a new socket.  It just plain sucks.  But with osseointegration…  I wake up in the morning and instead of taking several minutes to salve and spray, put on the liner, step into the socket… take it off and step into it again because I haven’t got the alignment right… take it off and step into it again because I haven’t got the alignment right… take it off and step… lol well you get the picture…  Now, I just attach the prosthetic knee to the end of the implant which sticks out about 2 inches from the end of my leg.  That’s it.  Seconds.  And there’s no more bruises, calluses, sores.  And I can walk for hours at a time WITH NO PAIN!!!   That one gets me all emotional lol.  Dr. Munjed Al Muderis performed the surgery April 30th this year.  So I still have to be careful and not do any sports or activities that are weight bearing for another 7 months or so until the implant is locked in place with the bone.  He tends to give his patients a hard time if we don’t follow his instructions lol.

Ellen:  Totally amazing.  So how did you gather the money you needed to do this?

Kare:  Funnily enough, through a series of synchronicities.  I got very upset at the Universe just over a year ago and said I’m done.  I had been in a car accident the year before and was in alot of pain, hadn’t worked for a year, things just weren’t going well in any area of my life.  I basically threw my arms in the air and said “You want me to stick around, then you need me happy, healthy, financially awesome and have a reason to be here.”  Within a week of my hissy fit, I had the information I needed to heal my body and a good friend sent me an email about the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course.  I would recommend this course for everyone.  It’s amazing – intense, and amazing.  Have you seen the movie The Secret?

Ellen:  Yes, wonderful movie…

Kare:  Well this course is a practical application of that movie and teaches you how to put what they were saying in The Secret into action.  And it works.  Fast!  So through that course I had another series of synchronicities which lead me to a group of people who were involved in creating passive incomes for themselves.  I got involved, and then I met a man who had developed a way to maximize the returns and he taught me his process.  BAM!  six months later I had funds I needed to go to Australia and get the surgery.  I’m now focusing on assisting others to receive this surgery.

Ellen:  Wow.  Amazing.  That is such a remarkable story!  And did this course affect any other area of your life?

Kare:  Actually, every single area of my life has been positively impacted.  I feel I look on the world with different eyes now than I did a year ago.  I live in a beautiful house, have wonderful friends, travel… I guess you could say I’m very very happy lol.

Ellen:  Thank you so much for joining us today Kare and sharing your amazing story.

Kare:  You’re so welcome Ellen!  And if you get phone calls and emails about amputees who want to learn more, get them in touch with me and I will do all I can to help them receive osseointegration.

Ellen:  Wonderful!  Ok we’re off to commercial and then JAN ARDEN will be here on stage to share her latest!!!!


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