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Master Key Experience

February 11, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 18 & 19

Aaaaand we’re back!  Had a bit of a hiatus while the blog was being moved over to the new site… isn’t it pretty?  Awesome job TKB Team!  Now I need to figure out how to connect the caringforyou website and it’s blog to this one!  Dontcha love learning?  Seriously lol… no sarcasm intended!

I decided to do a “blend” of weeks 18 and 19 because of the blog downtime – it’s an executive decision thing because I have the power and I’m not scared to use it 🙂

I have to confess I lost focus with the exercises for a couple of weeks now.  I think it started when I lost cohesion during sits… literally!  My brain just would not focus and visualize.  Then I just gave up for a few days.  It was interesting, no guilt, no negative self talk, just release.  Oh I was still working towards my Definite Major Purpose goals (which is in the process of being completely rewritten – again lol) and putting time in every day doing what I need to do to move me relentlessly towards bringing those dreams into physical reality, but I just could not make myself sit in that chair and look inward.  I had an interesting notice today though ~ I realized I’ve been continuing to do the exercises in my head!  “Do it now!”; “I be what I will to be!”; ruminating about my dmp goals and how can I get there faster, easier; how to build better self confidence; thinking about and being grateful daily.  Then I got wondering, is this what Mark is moving us towards?  Is this part of the rewiring process he’s been talking about?  If it is, I kinda like this autopilot thing!  Have I rewired my subconscious and started integrating this new way of being to the extent where it’s just what I do – no thinking required??  If this is true, then yay brain chemistry you’re the BEST!

Now don’t get me wrong… I need to get back on track to having daily Me and The Universe time.  The sooner the better.  Today.  I may just need to change the chair (read point of view) I sit in to get there…

power for good

January 28, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 17 Heroes Journey

Aimee Mullins – isn’t she amazing?  She’s been MY hero and a person I’ve admired for gosh, years.  I thought I needed an additional Aimee fix and came across this Ted Talk where she talks about the power of words…

What she’s saying dovetails with our subbie training, in that the words we speak internally can either be empowering or devastating.  AND, those that are spoken to us be it by family, friends or society and their associated expectations (or non-expectations) can be just as empowering or devastating as those we say to ourselves.


Disabled.  My experience with this word has made me an expert of sorts.  It’s a word that has the potential to take away your power, drive, ambition, goals… future.  And if that label sticks to you, man, it’s a hard one to shake.  The trick is to be that duck, let those negative vibrations fall off your back. Do NOT let them stick and give them time to register in your subconscious.  After I had the motorcycle accident, my Dad called me a cripple and handicapped.  I don’t think he was saying them in a malicious way, meant for them to be negative words, or even realized that it hurt me deeply when he used them.  That’s just the way he saw me.  It’s a darned good thing that is not the way I have ever seen myself.  I have chosen not to accept that label, or even remotely identify with it and because of that, I have experienced and accomplished many many challenging, exciting and wonderful things in the almost thirty years since the word cripple was used in reference to me.

I guess the point I’m getting to is you need to be your own hero.  Find those fine human beings who can be a shining example for you to learn from.  But also keep in mind what Og has to say in Scroll IV and follow Frank Sinatra’s example… do it your way.

And while we’re all doing it our way, come on… dance with me!

January 22, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 17

And this week is brought to you by the words Pleasing Personality!

Embodying and exuding a pleasing personality hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be!  Well, that is of course from my perspective.  I wonder if it would be beneficial and learning worthy to do a survey at the end of the week and find out if those I’ve interacted with feel the same lol.

I’ve had a rather deep thought for me… if you’re looking from the inside out as your life unfolds, then it’s only possible to look at situations, or whatever, from one perspective.  Yours.  If you can get above, look at life as you experience it from OTHER people’s perspectives (with as much clarity as you can manage) it opens the door to a plethora of views you hadn’t ever thought of before!  I have a good friend who is wont to say… There are over 7 BILLION people on Earth and there are over 7 BILLION different ways to look at things.  I’ve tried to emulate that outlook this week and I’ve found that I may have managed to be a little less self centred than I maybe probably usually am (?).  Think of the other person first… which leads to kindness… which leads to compassion… you get where I’m going here?

I found another treasure a friend had posted on Facebook I just had to share with you 🙂  It should bring a smile to your face and brighten your smile.  “See” you at Sunday’s class!!

January 14, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 16

Another amazing week is underway with Marvelous Mark’s and The Fabulous Davene’s tutelage!  Webinars are being held (and attended!), new contacts are being made, income is growing, kindnesses are being shared and I am getting wetter all the time in that river’s flow of giving and receiving.  Don’t you be giving me a towel cause I like being wet!

I had another interesting scenario happen…  checked the mail on Monday and there were two packages for me.  Wasn’t expecting anything, but there they were.  Who could they be from, what could they be??  I don’t think I ordered anything… but hey anything is possible with all that’s been going on in the last month.  I couldn’t wait until I got back to the house so I ripped them open in the car.  One package held a book, The Million Dollar Year (Google it and you’ll find it at Amazon).  Hmmm it was about network marketing, interesting.  The second package had three cd’s… How To Give A One Minute Presentation by Big Al (again the Great Google will help you find it).  Those cd’s are exactly, I need to say it again… EXACTLY! what I needed to take the next step forward for me AND for the team I’m growing.  I don’t think I’ve used this word in my life as much as I have in the last couple of months… A-MA-ZING.  Thank you thank you thank you whoever sent these two little packages to me (and thank you to me if I did lol).  Synchronicity you are indeed my friend.

Just a short post this week.  I want to do a second sit today to say thank you to the Universe and feel that connection buzzing through my body, mind and spirit.  I came across this video in Facebook tonight.  I enjoyed it so much I just had to share it with you.  Enjoy and if you get the feeling, get up and DANCE!!

Love you all very very much 🙂

January 9, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 15

Wow what a week!  I think I may be myself again… or more myself… or maybe less myself?  LOL ruminate on that one for a couple of minutes.

The changes I made in my life a month and a half ago combined to throw me into what I can see now was a depressed tizzy for the last month.   For a couple of days now I’ve felt I’ve finally come out the other side – lighter and brighter with an unlimited future before me.  And surprise surprise… amazing potentially totally life changing wonderful opportunities have shown up along with that lighter and brighter attitude!  Just awesome.  You know what I’ve noticed this last week as well?  I THINK about a change, or an addition, or a more detailed idea I feel would be complimentary to my DMP and  BAM!  before I even get a chance to update my computer or written copy, they happen!!!  There’s that magic again… sa-weet!

I was having a heck of a time “getting” this week’s Master Key….

For your exercise this week, concentrate on Insight; take your accustomed position and focus the thought on the fact that to have a knowledge of the creative power of thought does not mean to possess the art of thinking. Let the thought dwell on the fact that knowledge does not apply itself. That our actions are not governed by knowledge, but by custom, precedent and habit. That the only way we can get ourselves to apply knowledge is by a determined conscious effort. Call to mind the fact that knowledge unused passes from the mind, that the value of the information is in the application of the principle; continue this line of thought until you gain sufficient insight to formulate a definite program for applying this principle to your own particular problem.

It just wasn’t making sense no matter how many times I read it.  Then all of a sudden, I GOT it!  My take on what is being said, is we need to think through our DMP’s and use insight to perceive whether any changes may be necessary because of potential aspects within the DMP that could possibly create obstacles during the process of manifestation of that said DMP.  In essence, use the combined super powers of visualization AND insight together!  What did you get out of this week’s read?  Was it along the same lines or completely different?  I’d be curious to know…

I have so much more tumbling around in my head to say and  I came across this video of Jim Carrey talking about life and it spoke to me.  It appears to cover everything that I have learned so far in this lifetime’s journey that has solidified for me and speaks to what is yet to join with my belief structure.  It’s a perfect message for this month’s Og.  Be you.  Be special.  Be the you only you can be 🙂