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Another interesting MKMMA week under my belt! ¬†Ah how time flys ūüôā

A major faux pas¬†happened yesterday afternoon with another of my blogs right after¬†I launched a large campaign. ¬†We’re talking twitter tweets, facebook posts, over 200 emails sent out… my first foray into campaign-land and I was excited! ¬†until… Unfortunately, a goofup by my hosting company sent that blog into a Google 404 error twilight zone so you see a lovely image of a broken robot and not my blog. ¬†When I called to let them know what happened I remained calm (for the most part) and didn’t lose¬†my temper or yell at anyone. ¬† A highly unusual occurrence for me for¬†this level of¬†disaster. ¬†I’m now waiting for the hosting company’s computers to start working again so they can get into my account and see what’s going on to determine whether the updates they made late last night are¬†going to fix the issue at some time in the near future (between 24 to 48 hours is my understanding). ¬†So I sit here at my computer my inner core much calmer than expected, making a conscious decision to use this¬†waiting time positively rather than panic, pull my hair out, worry, or stomp around the house.

Has there been a shift for me since starting MKMMA? ¬†I think I would have to say yes at this point. ¬†I haven’t had feedback from friends or family that indicates they’ve noticed any changes in me, but that’s outer validation – I feel it’s the inner acknowledgement that means something.

As you know, our next assignment is to sit in silence for an extended period of time.  My mastermind partner and I (shout out to DAY the bestest mastermind partner a gal could ever have!) booked Monday and Tuesday to start our silence after our masterminding call Monday morning.  No computer, no phone, no chats with friends, kids, Mom or other external connections for one and a half days (well, it could be 2 if you count sleeping time? lol).  I spend quite a bit of time by myself but this is taking alone time to the next level.  I did a little research and found a Ted Talk by Nick Seaver which gave me some information on how this exercise could affect me psychologically, physiologically and emotionally.   It got me pumped so I thought I would share it with you so you could watch it too if you wished.

Here’s to my blog being back up and looking great in as short a period of time as possible! ¬†I know it will all work out in the end and it would be lovely if it would do so NOW lol (hey Universe I’m stomping my feet! … yes this¬†is different than stomping around the house).

Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the sounds of silence!


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  1. Awesome video, Kare. Thanks! And thanks so much for the shout-out. You really bring out the best in me, amazing partner! This video has me super-pumped for our silence next week. I know incredible things will happen.

  2. You guys rock, enjoy your silence.

  3. I’m impressed with the extent of your first campaign and know that it is all turning out right for you. I am even more impressed by your calm as it all appeared to go south in the blink of an eye. This speaks volumes for you and the Master Key experience! I wish you a blissful silence.
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