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Master Key Experience

February 27, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 21

A core foundation and a huge part of the progression in MKMMA is writing your DMP (definite major purpose), the first place you externalize what you want your life to look like – dreams, ambitions, goals.  If you can’t see where you’re headed … Continue reading

MKMMA Week 20

February 19, 2016 by Kare Zigay | 4 Comments

Inside Out

The perspective of the week… my insides on the outsides.

I had an aha moment this week (assisted into existence by a glass or two of a lovely oak-free white wine) where I was having a nice conversation with myself (hello nice lady in the glass) when I realized that quite a few of my belief systems, attitudes and responses to external stimuli were in place because I am not quite comfortable with me, or even being me!  And, aided by said truth serum, realized because of this, it results in a somewhat lower than optimal self esteem.  Well what the heck is up with that?

Breaking a life time of external influences that I transmorgrefied into not so supportive internal self talk seems to be a bit of a challenge (gall dang it, I thought I had that 7 Day Mental Diet beat!).  Quite a doozy I must say when the “thought” popped into my head that it might not just be theory, that there could be another way of viewing the world other than how I have been up to now.

A couple of things set this train of thought into motion.  First I watched the Pixar movie Inside Out which comes complete with a pink elephant AND a unicorn!  What more can a girl ask for?  Then I realized I had been ignoring training I have in what could be a very supportive quantum physics modality!  BOOM there it is.

Standing in your truth.  Simple words that encompass a monumental shift of being.  K, so now that I’ve had the experience of stepping back and seeing that I could be experiencing the world in a totally different way, there’s just the doing.  So, as Yoda says Do or do not.  There is no try.  You go Yoda.

So here I am breaking the books out again and if you are at all interested in learning a bit of magic, check out Richard Bartlett’s site Matrix Energetics.  Watch a couple of  the videos or check out some testimonials.  It may blow your socks off 🙂

And now for your entertainment pleasure (are you excited???), pink elephants and unicorns!!!!

Have a magical week!