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May 3, 2016
by Kare Zigay

Hit The Target

So, how’s this for logic… to hit the target, you have to aim in the right direction; to aim in the right direction, you need to know which way to point; to know which way to point, you have to know what your purpose is; to know what your purpose is you need to take the time to Sit and focus.  Make sense?  No?   lol ok…

I’m not talking about sit with a small s, I’m talking about Sit with a capital S.  The kind of Sit where you become quiet and still and in the silence you find the answers.  Answers that no one else can give you, like “what makes me happy?” “how can I make more money?” “should I go in this direction or that?“.  You are the authority of you, no one else and what a Sit does is allow you to connect with your inner voice.  If you listen… you really listen… you’ll aquire the inner strength and direction you need to be able to find and hit your happiness target dead center.

I signed up for the awesome pay-it-forward Master Key Mastermind Alliance course last year and it has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.  One of the things we’re asked to do is to have a daily Sit.  Keeping that promise I made of Sitting every day has given me more clarity around who I am, what I want, what makes me happy, what I want to do, what direction I want my life to take… of course it’s a work in progress lol.  When you change your perspective, sometimes you need to change the direction from where you’re pointing at the target.

I decided that an existence based on just survival wasn’t good enough.

I came across this video today and I found it amazing and wonderful that these inspiring people kept moving forward towards new goals.  They didn’t allow themselves to get stuck in the role of a janitor or a carpenter, they didn’t let getting fired or depression stop them.  It proves to me that it does not matter what age you are, your personal circumstances, or current financial situation, you can focus and decide RIGHT NOW that you want more.  And all you have to do is take aim, decide on your direction and purpose and take one small step forward.  Do you want to take that step?  

The Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA), is a powerful self-discovery adventure with daily hands-on help from 60+ Certified Guides.   It will challenge you, but with challenge comes change… maybe the changes you’ve been looking for?   The absolutely wonderful thing is it’s a pay-it-forward system.  Last years students pay for you to take the class this year.

Would you be interested in getting a taste of the program for free?  It will help you to learn how to find and hit the (your) target.  All you need to do is fill in your name and email address up to the right under 7 Days to a New Life and you’ll receive a few emails that I know will whet your appetite.

Bon appetite!



March 17, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 22A


shaman woman cropped

I did the silence exercise last week.  It was supposed to be a day and a half, but I was pestered by an inner voice at about the one day mark.  I had had lots of insights and connections up to that point so I wondered why I was being asked to exit the silence.  I followed the guidance – as I mostly do (I’m a rebellious White and feel the need to say no sometimes) and followed the prompts to turn on Gaia TV, look through the selections and choose a video.

Actually, let me backtrack for a moment just to give you some context…  my whole life up to 15 was an exercise in conforming and staying invisible as much as possible.  At 15, life became an exercise in sort of conforming and slipping my cloak of invisibility off one shoulder.  I found that I viewed the world differently than my peers.  You try fitting in anywhere with those dynamics going on!  When I turned 30, it was the first time  I was starting all over again (I’ve done it a few times now lol) and found that the different in me was winning.  I followed my heart and have since learned several healing modalities, put most of them into practice and even manifested a contract for six years with a biofeedback company performing tech support and practitioner training.  The different has been feeding me since 2002 when I quit my corporate job.  All the modalities I’ve learned haven’t felt like a calling, yet they have… know what I mean?  I’ve learned them, but I haven’t integrated them.  I need to grow my inner in order to do a spectacular job BEing who I’m drawn to be.

So, when I got this nudge to turn on my computer and watch TV, I was thinking ok… are you sure?  I was directed to watch a video on Shamanism.  BAM! There it was.  My next journey.  The next makeover.  I tried to share this glaring lightbulb that was blinding me with family and friends and I could read it in their faces… there she goes again!  I guess what they may not understand is that I have Edisonitis.  It may take me that thousand and oneth time to make the breakthrough I’m looking for.  Goodness knows it’s rather apparent that I’m incapable of giving up.

As the synchronicities and connections for my new reality pile up, I’m in the midst of completely rewriting my DMP.  The plan was to rewrite it and have it submitted over a week ago, but after the Silence it was clear a complete do-over was required, except for one or two key items.  Apologies to my guides, this is taking longer than I said it would.

So, my Silence was interrupted (in a good way) and I found that one thing that Mark talked about that I was looking for right now.  I’ll be scheduling another two day Silence very soon to complete what I started.  No fear.


March 3, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 22

Another interesting MKMMA week under my belt!  Ah how time flys 🙂

A major faux pas happened yesterday afternoon with another of my blogs right after I launched a large campaign.  We’re talking twitter tweets, facebook posts, over 200 emails sent out… my first foray into campaign-land and I was excited!  until… Unfortunately, a goofup by my hosting company sent that blog into a Google 404 error twilight zone so you see a lovely image of a broken robot and not my blog.  When I called to let them know what happened I remained calm (for the most part) and didn’t lose my temper or yell at anyone.   A highly unusual occurrence for me for this level of disaster.  I’m now waiting for the hosting company’s computers to start working again so they can get into my account and see what’s going on to determine whether the updates they made late last night are going to fix the issue at some time in the near future (between 24 to 48 hours is my understanding).  So I sit here at my computer my inner core much calmer than expected, making a conscious decision to use this waiting time positively rather than panic, pull my hair out, worry, or stomp around the house.

Has there been a shift for me since starting MKMMA?  I think I would have to say yes at this point.  I haven’t had feedback from friends or family that indicates they’ve noticed any changes in me, but that’s outer validation – I feel it’s the inner acknowledgement that means something.

As you know, our next assignment is to sit in silence for an extended period of time.  My mastermind partner and I (shout out to DAY the bestest mastermind partner a gal could ever have!) booked Monday and Tuesday to start our silence after our masterminding call Monday morning.  No computer, no phone, no chats with friends, kids, Mom or other external connections for one and a half days (well, it could be 2 if you count sleeping time? lol).  I spend quite a bit of time by myself but this is taking alone time to the next level.  I did a little research and found a Ted Talk by Nick Seaver which gave me some information on how this exercise could affect me psychologically, physiologically and emotionally.   It got me pumped so I thought I would share it with you so you could watch it too if you wished.

Here’s to my blog being back up and looking great in as short a period of time as possible!  I know it will all work out in the end and it would be lovely if it would do so NOW lol (hey Universe I’m stomping my feet! … yes this is different than stomping around the house).

Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the sounds of silence!


February 27, 2016
by Kare Zigay

MKMMA Week 21

A core foundation and a huge part of the progression in MKMMA is writing your DMP (definite major purpose), the first place you externalize what you want your life to look like – dreams, ambitions, goals.  If you can’t see where you’re headed to, how can you get there?  It’s taken a bit, but I think I’m finally getting to the nitty gritty of what I want the rest of my life to look like… a snapshot of what I can engage in, be excited about,  move towards.  It’s pretty big and it’s pretty exciting.  And I know it’s going to happen.  A great conversation with my guides yesterday really helped to clear cobwebs and showed me I can give myself permission to take years rather than days, weeks or months to get to where I want to be.  It’s a journey.  The great part is I’m already headed there… and I can polish my clarity to bring it forth.

I’ve always believed in magic… how else could this amazing world even be here?  And when you factor in what we currently understand about quantum physics (or should I say what we’ve made up and brought into reality re quantum physics) it really brings home in simple black and white that our thoughts create our experiences.

So I’m back to the drawing board of my imagination and redefining and refining the where, what, who, how and when.  Fun!

Like Albert said… There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.

I know which side of the equation I’m on.  Do you?

MKMMA Week 20

February 19, 2016 by Kare Zigay | 4 Comments

Inside Out

The perspective of the week… my insides on the outsides.

I had an aha moment this week (assisted into existence by a glass or two of a lovely oak-free white wine) where I was having a nice conversation with myself (hello nice lady in the glass) when I realized that quite a few of my belief systems, attitudes and responses to external stimuli were in place because I am not quite comfortable with me, or even being me!  And, aided by said truth serum, realized because of this, it results in a somewhat lower than optimal self esteem.  Well what the heck is up with that?

Breaking a life time of external influences that I transmorgrefied into not so supportive internal self talk seems to be a bit of a challenge (gall dang it, I thought I had that 7 Day Mental Diet beat!).  Quite a doozy I must say when the “thought” popped into my head that it might not just be theory, that there could be another way of viewing the world other than how I have been up to now.

A couple of things set this train of thought into motion.  First I watched the Pixar movie Inside Out which comes complete with a pink elephant AND a unicorn!  What more can a girl ask for?  Then I realized I had been ignoring training I have in what could be a very supportive quantum physics modality!  BOOM there it is.

Standing in your truth.  Simple words that encompass a monumental shift of being.  K, so now that I’ve had the experience of stepping back and seeing that I could be experiencing the world in a totally different way, there’s just the doing.  So, as Yoda says Do or do not.  There is no try.  You go Yoda.

So here I am breaking the books out again and if you are at all interested in learning a bit of magic, check out Richard Bartlett’s site Matrix Energetics.  Watch a couple of  the videos or check out some testimonials.  It may blow your socks off 🙂

And now for your entertainment pleasure (are you excited???), pink elephants and unicorns!!!!

Have a magical week!